It started with her making supplements
simpler for loved ones

Living with her grandparents, Nabiha Aimi discovered one day that they were struggling to take their supplements. Age was getting to them and forgetfulness was common. Nabiha’s grandparents had a hard time tracking which supplements to take and at what time.

Concerned about her grandparents’ health, Nabiha sought out to make taking supplements simpler for them. She started sorting and packing her grandparents’ daily supplements in little ziplock bags. She also scribbled on the bags what supplements were in it and when to take them.

Nabiha’s method made taking supplements simple and convenient, improving greatly her grandparents’ supplement consumption habits. Something clicked in Nabiha. Her grandparents can’t be the only ones having trouble with supplements, other families would need a simpler way of taking supplements too.

Marrying her experience with her grandparents and her advocacy for healthier lifestyles, Nabiha found a need that she could serve. You see, the supplement market is not short of quality products, but there was a lot of confusion on which supplements to take and how to pair them. There was also a problem with accessibility and convenience. Most supplements can only be bought in-store and come in bulky packaging, making repurchases and daily consumption incompatible with modern lifestyles.

Nabiha’s determination to fill the market gap became the driving force behind months of laborious research, planning, procurement, and product development. Alas, what started as scribbled ziplock bags became a full-fledged business. MyVitalab was born.

Today, what began as a small act of love has grown to a bigger mission – Revolutionising the industry with #SupplementsMadeSimple

Nabiha Aimi

CEO & Founder